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Project Description
SQL Server 2014 in-memory key value store and native .NET API.

KvDb is a key value store implemented using SQL Server 2014 in-memory storage and native compiled stored procedures. KvDb is designed to meet the following objectives:
  • Provide a logical key value store for arbitrary data.
  • Leverage the durability and performance capabilities of SQL Server 2014 in-memory storage.
  • Provide longer term more durable persistence to disk as an optional capability.
  • Provide an native .NET API that encapsulates usage and provides a natural streaming interface for stored values.

Why use SQL Server as a Key Value store?
  • SQL Server operational expertise is widely available.
  • Having a mix of relational data and key value storage is useful for many real-world scenarios.
  • SQL Server in-memory and native compilation are useful technologies for high volume workloads.

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