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Installation and Deployment

KvDb will be made available via NuGet. Deployment of the database schema will be possible using any supported tool chain process. Both a .dacpac and script file will be provided in the NuGet package.


KvDb usage is very straightforward and follows a simple pattern:
  1. Initialize a ValueHandle instance with the desired key.
  2. Initialize the database connection you wish to use.
  3. Get the stream you wish to use.
  4. Read to, or write from the stream "normally".

By offering a streaming API, typical .NET stream compositions can be performed. For example, a value writer stream may be wrapped in a compression and/or encryption stream.


See the following pages for specific usage examples:
NOTE: Consider the examples psuedo-code. Please don't inform me the C# compiler doesn't understand a literal copy paste from an explanatory WIKI page :). The usage examples are also shown as functioning tests in the UsageTests project, found in the source code.

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